Photo by Ulesegisa; all rights reservedBetsy Tinney is a cello storyteller. Using her cello and an electronic looper, she weaves rich, complex and varied tapestries of sound; her original cello compositions paint pictures and tell tales, from thunderstorms and skeletal mice to dancing elephants and humpback whales.

Join us for Music Under the Trees 2019 – an epic house concert in Redmond, WA, featuring performers Seanan McGuire, Alexander James Adams, Vixy & Tony, and many more!

https://music.betsytinney.com/album/shapeshifterBetsy has recently released a new duo album, Shapeshifter — an improv album between Betsy (cello) and Geli Wuerzner (viola).

Betsy’s 2nd solo album, Wyverns in the Winery, is now available!

Become an album sponsor, help Betsy cover the album production costs, and get all sorts of cool stuff (including, of course, the physical CD)!


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