Betsy has just released a new album: Winter Greens — Original instrumental arrangements of (mostly) ancient carols, with cello, acoustic guitar, bodhran and a few other instruments.

Betsy’s previous album, Shapeshifter, is a duo improv album between Betsy (cello) and Geli Wuerzner (viola). (There are only a few copies of the physical CD left!)

Betsy’s second solo album, Wyverns in the Winery, and her debut album, Release the Cello!, are also available on her Bandcamp site.

In addition, Betsy has recorded cello tracks for many other albums, DVDs & other projects (listed below, in reverse order by date).

Winter Greens

A collection of “cello carols” — Betsy’s instrumental arrangements of (mostly ancient) traditional carols, with cello, bodhran, cello, guitar, and more cello.


A duo album between Betsy (cello) and Geli Wuerzner (viola), released on August 4, 2018.  Buy it on Bandcamp.

From Betsy: Geli and I love to sit down together with our instruments and just improvise, letting the music lead us where it will. All the pieces on this album were completely improvised from start to finish: we had no written score, chords, or even a plan – we just started playing, then followed each other wherever the music wanted to go. And when a piece was complete, we stopped. (Improv is like that.)

Cello: Betsy Tinney

Viola: Geli Wuerzner

Betsy Tinney -- Release the Cello!

Betsy’s debut solo album, released in January 2014. This much-anticipated album features Betsy’s graceful and lyrical cello work, layered and looped to create a rich, interwoven tapestry of sound. A few tracks also include acoustic guitar, djembe, fiddle, and other instruments.

DVD: Release Concert for Release the Cello!

Video of the epic January 2014 release concert for Betsy’s album Release the Cello!. The physical DVD contains about one hour of DVD-quality video featuring songs from the album as performed by Betsy, with additional performers SJ Tucker, Alexander James Adams, Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff, Vixy & Tony, Sunnie Larsen, and more. Purchase of the physical DVD also includes a free download of BluRay-quality video of the entire three-hour concert, with additional songs by Tricky Pixie, SJ Tucker, Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff, and Vixy & Tony. The full BluRay video download is also available separately on Gumroad .

Gaia Kirtan by Rachael Fairbanks

Rachael Fairbanks, September 2017 (Track 1, “Alive”)

Trust Issues

PDX Broadsides, August 2017.

My Dream

Nine Toes the Bard

Mama Gina, March 2017

Scattering Seeds on the Pomegranate Tour

Dr. Mary Crowell, January 2017

We Are Who We Are

Vixy and Tony, November 2016

Siren Songs

Sharon Knight, September 2016

The Green Album

Various Artists, 2016.

A compilation of songs by various artists, especially written and recorded for this album, for the benefit of the Rainforest Trust. Betsy appears on “Butterfly’s Wing” by Wendy Rule and “1157 (‘Till it’s Over”) by SJ Tucker.


Sharon Knight, March 2016

Stolen Season

S.J. Tucker, March 2015

S. J. has conjured and concocted a heavily jazz & blues flavored album called Stolen Season; the full version is now available for pre-order via her website at Betsy’s cello figures prominently on this album.

From the Heart

Susan Chiat, 2015

Rowan & Storm

TwoTonic, October 2014

Mystical Creature

Jessica Star, July 2014

Little Red Hood

Alexander James Adams, April 2014


Kellianna. September 2013.


SJ Tucker, 2013. A fanciful collection of upbeat songs inspired by Catherynne M. Valente’s novel The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making. Guitar, cello, drums, flutes, fiddle and SJ’s soaring vocals guide this wild adventure.

Neofolk Romantique

Sharon Knight, August 2013 – A collection of Celtic traditional and original songs ranging from romantic and fanciful to dark and brooding. Faery lore, lively jigs, and haunting ballads of pirates, murder, love, death, and the quest for poetic inspiration. (Track 9, “Mistress of MacLyr”)

Stars Fall Home

Seanan McGuire. July 2013.

MOLLY LEWIS: The Same Old Songs, But Live

Released in June 2013, this beautifully-produced album is a recording of Molly Lewis and her band performing live at the Triple Door in May 2012. For this concert, Molly’s band consisted of Tony Fabris (guitar), Michelle Dockrey (vocals), Betsy Tinney (cello), Sunnie Larsen (violin) and Jason Finn (drums).

Mine to Love

Leannan Sidhe, June 2013

Acolytes of the Machine & Other Gaming Stories

A rich, humorous, gorgeous love letter to Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, gamers, and the Hobby itself! By Dr. Mary Crowell. October 2012.

Hazardous Fiddle

Amy McNally. September 2012.

For the Asking

Celia. March 2012. (“Caregiver’s Song”)

Neptune music video - March 2012

S.J. Tucker’s official music video for her original song, Neptune, on her recent album “Mischief”.

Will's Embrace

Ronnda Cadle. February 2012.

Cold September Ground

Katt McConnell, December 2011. (“The Singing of Dragons”)

Fragile Dreams

Leannan Sidhe. July 2011.

Dark Eyes

Music for the book trailer for Catherynne M. Valente’s novel Deathless, 2011. (Traditional; arrangement by Betsy.)

Free music download!

Wicked Girls

Seanan McGuire, December 2010. Nominated for a Hugo award!

Belladonna Smiles

Bone Poets Orchestra, 2010

Knights of the Round Table DVD


S.J. Tucker, 2010


S.J. Tucker, 2009

Walk The Wire

S.J. Tucker — literal internet singles, July 2009.


Tricky Pixie, 2009

Smoky and the Feast of Mabon

Original cello music by Betsy, created for the book trailer for Smoky and the Feast of Mabon book trailer, a children’s book written by Catherynne M. Valente and illustrated by W. Lyon Martin. 2009.

Concert for the Rainforest DVD

Gaia Consort, 2008

Not Just Lullabies from Planet Earth


Fire and Bone

Incus, 2008

Tricky Pixie Live

Tricky Pixie, 2007

Vitus Dance

Gaia Consort, 2007


S.J. Tucker, 2006


Gaia Consort, 2004

Secret Voices

Gaia Consort, 2001

Gaia Circles

Gaia Consort, 1999

The Angel & the Hanged Man

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