The Equinox Tour: Leslie Hudson & Betsy Tinney at Soulfood – Redmond, WA – 03/09/19

The Equinox Tour: Leslie Hudson & Betsy Tinney at Soulfood
Saturday, March 9, 2019
7:00pm - $10-$20 suggested donation - All Ages
15748 Redmond Way
Redmond, WA, USA 98052
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The equinox is a time of balance, where light and darkness are held in equal measure as our axis tilts and we circle round the sun. Cello and piano, song and composition, psyche and sound, listening to the colors of a waking earth. We are poised. We evoke. Cloaked in starry winter nights, we step forward into the sunshine of spring.

Leslie Hudson is what happens when Tori Amos and Loreena McKennitt swap set lists, and folktales become character studies of the female psyche. A touring musician from Stratford ON with piano in tow, this vocally dynamic powerhouse performer weaves song out of story into a tapestry of musical styles and feminist perspectives. Drawing inspiration from her own journey to her love of Star Trek to world mythology to her relationship with the unseen, she brings poignance and punch to every performance and lays bare the complexities of the inner lives we live. Website:

Betsy Tinney is a cello storyteller. With her cello and an electronic loop pedal, Betsy weaves rich, complex and varied tapestries of sound. Her original cello compositions paint pictures and tell tales, from thunderstorms and skeletal mice to dancing elephants and humpback whales. Website:

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