Vixy & Tony at Outdoor Trek – Seattle, WA – 07/26/15

Vixy & Tony at Outdoor Trek
Sunday, July 26, 2015
1:00pm - All Ages
Dr. Blanche Lavizzo Park (map)
2100 S Jackson St
Seattle, WA, USA

At the north end of Jackson street, near Yesler. Parking is available along Yesler and in streets off 20th and 22nd.

Other Info
For those who haven't seen them yet, Hello Earth Productions has been staging a delightfully whimsical rendition of one TOS episode each summer. Their shows are very low tech, characterized by silly prop gags, a gender-bent cast, and an emphasis on playing up the ridiculous aspects of the original series. But through it all, there is a deep respect for the source material, and it shows. These are serious Trek fans who, at the same time, know how to laugh about it. This year, they're doing Amok Time (y'know, the Pon Farr episode) and we can't wait to see it.

We get to play a short set of our songs to open their shows on July 19th and 26th. We'll have Sunnie on fiddle, Betsy on cello, and hopefully the weather will cooperate (crossing fingers). We play at 1pm on both days, and Trek starts at 2pm.

The shows are in the amphitheater area at the North end of Blanche Lavizzo park, at 22nd and Yesler in Seattle's Central District. All of Outdoor Trek's shows are free, but please bring some cash to put in their donation jars! If you can't get to the shows that we're opening for, at least try to make it to one of their other shows during the weekends they're running it. The shows are at 7pm on the Saturdays, and at 2pm on the Sundays, between July 18th and August 9th. They're awesome!

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